Maxicrop Succulent & Bonsai Plant Food 250ml

Maxicrop Succulent & Bonsai Plant Food 250ml

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Maxicrop Succulent & Bonsai Plant Food has been specifically formulated for use on these specific, slower-growing plants. The 100% soluble Maxicrop Seaweed Extract, which contains over 60 different, naturally balanced minerals, trace elements and growth factors ensures a readily available supply of essential micro-nutrients to the plant. These nutrients are usually obtainable from only a few other fertilisers. The addition of soluble forms of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium further fortifies Maxicrop Seaweed Extract.


  • Encourages strong root development for plants.
  • Increases chlorophyll content of leaves.
  • Resistance to fungal, insect and disease attacks.
  • Environmentally friendly fertiliser; no offensive smell.
  • Organic matter to improve potting mix structure and encourage microbial action.

250ml concentrate makes up 50L of solution.
1 capful per 3L water.

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