Maxicrop Organic Seaweed Solution 600ml

Maxicrop Organic Seaweed Solution 600ml

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Maxicrop Seaweed Solution is a non-burning organic plant tonic that contains Maxicrop seaweed extract and provides naturally occurring growth stimulants with over 60 trace elements. It is not a chemical fertiliser, however, it can be used in conjunction with fertilisers. It is safe to use on all plants and is absorbed through the plant foliage or roots.


  • Enhances strong healthy root and shoot development to establish plants faster and reduce the effects of transplanting shock.
  • Feeds beneficial soil microorganisms.
  • Improves fruiting and flowering.
  • Helps increase nutritional value for better shelf life.
  • Better resistance to climatic conditions, frost, drought, heat.
  • Stress relief by raising the natural immune system of the plant to help resist insect and fungal attack.

How to use
Ideal for use at planting.

Seeds For increased germination and better root development.
1 capful (9mL) to 3L of water. Soak large or hard seeds (peas beans etc.) overnight before sowing. Sow small seeds then water gently with the diluted solution.

Seedlings For reduced transplant shock and faster establishment. 3 capfuls = (27mL) per 9L watering can. Stand seedlings/plants in solution for 30 minutes before planting, then plant seedlings and water them in with the Maxicrop diluted solution. Apply every 2 weeks.

Transplanting 3 capfuls = (27mL) per 9L watering can. Fill the hole with the diluted solution and let it soak away, then plant and water in with the diluted solution. Water with diluted solution every 2 to 4 weeks.

600ml concentrate makes up 200L of solution.
3 capfuls per 9L watering can.

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