Leek Bulgarian Giant Seeds
Leek Bulgarian Giant Seeds

Leek Bulgarian Giant Seeds

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As the name suggests, the Bulgarian Giant leek is a large variety of leek. The plants can grow up to 60cm tall, with thick stems that can reach up to 7cm in diameter, with the leaves being a blue-green colour. It has a mild, sweet flavour that is less pungent than other varieties of leek. Bulgarian Giant leek prefers cool, moist soil and partial shade. 

When to Plant
Zone 1: September - March
Zone 2: August - April
Zone 3: January - March
Zone 4: February - March

For zone map see images

Soil Leek can handle most soil types, but it should be free draining. Don’t over-fertilize the soil prior to planting leeks as this will make them more susceptible to frost damage. Mixing in compost will suffice.

Soil pH Level 6.5-7.5

Position Shade tolerant, so a good crop to take up that less-than-ideal spot in the patch.

How to Plant Propagate in seed trays and transplant a month after germination or sow directly to veggie patch when the temperature is above 7 degrees as they can become stunted by frost.

Spacing 10-15 cm

Depth 0.5-1cm

Companion Plants Carrots

Approximate no. of seeds 80-90

Note: We source all of our seeds locally and in small batches to ensure they remain at their maximum viability for germination

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