Ivy Muse Gnat Immunity 3L

Ivy Muse Gnat Immunity 3L

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A unique blend of natural ingredients working in synergy to protect your plants from fungus gnats, whilst nourishing the soil. A simple and easy way to treat and deter this common indoor plant pest.


  • Pumice Granules provide a physical barrier between your soil and fungus gnat infestation.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (silica) smothers and kills pre-existing fungus gnat larvae in the soil.
  • Organic Neem* Granules condition the soil naturally with slow-releasing nutrients and trace elements.

*Whilst commonly used to deter indoor plant pests, Neem is classified as a fertiliser and not registered with the APVMA as an insecticide.

How to use
Apply an even 2cm layer of GNAT IMMUNITY to the surface of your soil.
Water plant as per usual.

3L Resealable Pouch

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