1 Minute Gardener 2021 Edition

1 Minute Gardener 2021 Edition

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Our fast-paced favourite book, re-released in 2021 into a compact version... but with all the goodness of the original. 1-Minute Gardener is filled with quick & easy activities to help you grow your own food. 

Little Veggie Patch Co. have taken the mystery out of - and put the fun back into - growing fruit and vegetables. No matter how much or how little space you have, whether you're in the sprawling suburbs or an inner-city high-rise, The Little Veggie Patch Co will have you growing food in no time.

1-Minute Gardener features 70 illustrated, step-by step lessons on fast edible gardening essentials, from preparing and caring for your veggie patch (or pot) through to harvesting the rewards - and getting the kids involved along the way. There is no question too simple and task too hard for Fab and Mat. And thanks to this new collection of straight forward guides - all designed to be read and digested in a minute or less - you'll be spending less time reading and more time getting your hands dirty in the garden!

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