Brunnings Hydro Clay Pebbles 2.5L

Brunnings Hydro Clay Pebbles 2.5L

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Brunnings Hydro Clay Pebbles are baked clay balls made by baking and tumbling natural clay at high temperatures.

As a result, they are super lightweight and porous with high air content. Hydro Clay Pebbles have a neutral pH value, are fungus free and will not rot. They also absorb moisture when soaked in water.

This is what makes them an ideal growing medium for selected plants, a top soil dressing or a drainage device for plants growing in potting soils.


  • Absorbs moisture & provides superior drainage in pots with soil
  • pH neutral, fungus free and will not rot
  • High air content for excellent root growth
  • Organic

2.5L bag Hydro Clay Pebbles

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