Carrot Cosmic Purple Seeds
Carrot Cosmic Purple Seeds

Carrot Cosmic Purple Seeds

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Easy to grow, great to look at home variety. Carrots have bright purple skin, with flesh that comes in a deep orange. They produce long, slender and sweet-tasting roots that will be a real eye-opener for anyone that thinks a carrot has to be orange.

When to Plant
Zone 1: September - February
Zone 2: September - May
Zone 3: February - November
Zone 4: February - November

For zone map see images

Soil Prepare a well-dug-through, friable soil type that is free draining. Use well-rotted organic matter and manure when preparing the beds.

Soil pH Level 6.5-7.5

Position Full sun preferred, but will tolerate partial shade. Best to follow a crop of nitrogen-hungry leafy greens.

How to Plant Sow directly into the patch by creating shallow trenches and then sprinkling the seeds along the trench line. Thin out once germinated.

Spacing 5-10cm

Depth 0.5-1cm

Companion Plants Radish, Onions

Approximate no of seeds 150

Note: We source all of our seeds locally and in small batches to ensure they remain at their maximum viability for germination

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